About Us

At Tattva Technologies, we reveal reality through data science. We bring the philosophy of "thatness" or the true essence of substance. Just as you peel back layers to find the core, we use advanced analytics to uncover the insights that drive business success.

Founded by Machine Learning enthusiast Piyush, with near a decade of experience across industries like retail, finance, and manufacturing. The mission is to empower our clients and customers by extracting actionable intelligence from their data through machine learning, computer vision, tracking data, predictive modeling, data engineering, and other cutting-edge capabilities.

Conceived the idea during the orientation year in the Netherlands, the .nl extension symbolizes no limit (nl) possibilities that data unlocks. Based in India, we take a customized approach to unlock clarity and direction for our clients. As a startup, we aim to grow profitably supported by partnerships with leading technology vendors, Tattva develops industry-focused data products and services.

Let us reveal the reality within your data! 

Contact us at tattva.nl@outlook.com to learn more about our capabilities and request a demo.